Obajana - Benin Road: Eagle Eye on Federal Government of Nigeria Budget Allocation

  • 29 Dec 2017
  • 31

A total of 14.1 Billion Naira (N14,190,996,759) has been allocated for the construction and rehabilitation of Obajana- Benin road located in Kogi and Edo state, Nigeria. The infographics above shows a breakdown of Federal Government budget allocation from 2016 to 2017. The aim of this breakdown is to encourage citizen participation and collectively monitor government’s utilization of funds.

We believe, as should be the standard that careful studies and realistic projections were made before budget preparation and approval. Therefore, government’s excuse about lack of funds to finance these projects should be addressed by better utilization of taxpayers’ money. If there are funds to buy expensive SUVs for our representatives or subsidize individuals travelling for pilgrimage, there should be funds for fixing our dilapidated road infrastructure.

We will update the inforgraphics with subsequent budgets approved by the Federal House of assembly every year. We urge you to bookmark this page, upload pictures/videos of bad portions of Obajana-Benin road via this link www.fixourroads.ng/add-road , monitor and upload quality of work when contractors are mobilized to site and share this post with others to increase awareness about the condition of Obajana-Benin road, demand transparency and proper utilization of funds.

Join the drive to create awareness about the deplorable state of our roads. Upload pictures/videos on www.fixourroads.ng/add-road


Source (Budget figures): Budget Office of the Federation

2016:  http://www.budgetoffice.gov.ng/index.php/2016-budget?task=document.viewdoc&id=29

2017:  http://www.budgetoffice.gov.ng/index.php/2017-approved-budget?task=document.viewdoc&id=638