Frequently Asked Questions


Do FIXourROADS post on Twitter/Facebook by default once images of bad roads are uploaded?

No. FIXourROADS encourage users to increase awareness about the state of a road by uploading images/videos of bad roads on and share the post on their social media platforms. We also share some of the uploaded images/videos on our social media platforms

How do I change my username on FIXourROADS website?

1. Login with your preferred social media account.
2. After you are logged in, click on your username (e.g Hi FIXourROADS)
3. Click "Edit" and enter your new username
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save".

How do FIXourROADS verify if the image/video uploaded reflects the current condition of the road?

We can not rule out users uploading images/videos that are not a true reflection of a road. However, we rely on other users to dispute false images/videos by uploading images showing the current condition of the road.

Do FIXourROADS approve uploaded images/videos before it goes live on the website?

No. All posts are displayed immediately. However, users can report inappropriate content by clicking on "flag as offensive" button below the uploaded content.

How does fixing Bad Roads relate to "Locate Mechanics”?

BAD ROADS DAMAGE VEHICLES. “Locate Mechanics”, a community based platform, helps you discover competent mechanics to fix your car. You can recommend good mechanics by uploading their details on this platform. We hope this feature helps reward competent mechanics with more customers and income.