About Us

FIXourROADS is a platform that encourage and enable citizens raise awareness about the deplorable state of roads in Nigeria and the adverse effect of these roads on Nigerians. Good roads will reduce road accidents, open up farmlands, enable easy transportation of goods from one part of the country to another, which will have a positive effect on the economy and the overall standard of living. 

Every year, the different arms of government budget funds for the construction and maintenance of roads in Nigeria. However, a large part of these funds are diverted for the personal use of public officials. The result is the deplorable state of some roads in Nigeria. According to William Lyon Mackenzie King, "Where there is little or no public opinion, there is likely to be bad government, which sooner or later becomes autocratic government.”  We hope that this platform will stimulate citizens to hold elected leaders accountable and demand a good road network.

Furthermore,  BAD ROADS DAMAGE VEHICLES. "Locate Mechanics" helps you find competent mechanics within your environment. You can recommend good mechanics by uploading their details on this platform. We hope this feature helps reward competent mechanics with more customers and income.

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